Charlotte the Harlot: Barefoot Amazon, ILLUSTRATED

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Kerry Stander thinks she’s decided on a career in fashion design, but an erotic experience from her late teens of watching her gorgeous cousin Charlotte trampling her father all over a pro wrestling ring is re-energized when her cousin and uncle offer to have Kerry stay with them in suburbs of Toronto. Kerry begins working and training with wrestlers, bartending at her uncle’s hole-in-the-wall, and learning how erotic crushing an opponent under her bare feet can be, especially in front of a big crowd… especially another woman.

Always multi-talented, Kerry has had trouble finding her career path. And on top of her doubts about her commitment to fashion design, now she’s afraid she’s in lust with a woman—her own cousin. Kerry’s never had to take her flings with women seriously before, always imagining herself marrying a man, but Charlotte has stoked something deep and dangerous in her…

Will Kerry give up her chance at a career in fashion design for a tumultuous career in pro wrestling if it means constant sexual stimulation as a barefoot wrestler who gets to stomp her opponents into the mat?  And will her wrestling matches with her cousin and other women wrestlers force her to respect a latent bisexuality she’ll need to express to be fully fulfilled?

Charlotte the Harlot is the debut novella in the illustrated Barefoot Amazon serial. Every Diabolic ebook has between six and ten illustrations!

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Chris Turner


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